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Despite having been referred to as a practitioner of oxygen therapies on the Internet, I am not a physician and do not treat patients. I am primarily a writer who has authored books on natural health, metaphysics and nature.

I hope that my book, The Oxygen Prescription, can answer any questions you might have about oxygen therapies. It can be purchased online and can also be found in many public libraries. If it is not available at your local library, your librarian may be able to obtain it through interlibrary loan.

In addition, the links found elsewhere in this website provides information that will lead to listings of practitioners and clinics that use ozone and hydrogen peroxide in healing.

However, if there is a need to communicate with me, my contact information is below:


Nathaniel Altman

169 Prospect Park West

Brooklyn, New York 11215 USA

phone: 718.499.2384

e-mail: natman169 (at) gmail (dot) com